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Clean-tech, renewable energy, recycling water

Energy production using renewable energies that interconnect the elements of matter: air, earth, fire and water.
Renewable energy systems (clean energy): solar panels, photovoltaic panels and geothermal, wind and biomass installations.
Guaranteeing the quality of interior air, minimising energy consumption associated with ventilation.
Home automation and energy-saving technology. Implementation of monitoring and management systems to achieve energy efficiency and energy savings in air-conditioning, ventilation and lighting installations.

Biological treatment systems and grey water and rainwater recycling.
Water-saving systems, dual or controlled flush cisterns on toilets. Taps with aerators. Separate networks, drinking water purification filters, waste water purification and recycling, and rainwater collection for irrigating the garden and green areas.
Gardening adapted to the climate, sustainable gardening and permaculture

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