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Who we are

The ARSS arquitectes technical team

The ARSS arquitectes team consists of professionals with diverse and complementary backgrounds that share the same philosophy: respect for the environment and for human beings. With the aim of delivering projects that enable people to live with health and well-being and in harmony with the environment that surrounds us and which we are part of.

Alicia Castan Masip

Alicia Castan
Arquitecta - Directora de Proyectos
Consultora en Feng Shui Clásico y Salud del Hábitat

Mi experiencia como arquitecta me permite hacer un trabajo metódico, bello y consciente de las necesidades del cliente, obteniendo un proyecto completo y respetuoso con el medioambiente.

C.V. Alicia Castan


Architects and technical architects:
Àngel Rodríguez Rodríguez: Architect and technical architect
Amanda Soler Vela: Technical architect
Xavier Baigorri Pujala: Draughtsman
Carlos Pina Rodríguez: 3D Infographics

Engineering and Landscaping:
Alex Barceló i Llauger, Engineer, Solventas6 sustainable engineering project manager.
Martirià Figueres i Feixas, landscapist, Director of Aspecte Paisatge.

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