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The comprehensive service that ARSS arquitectes offers encompasses all the criteria of clean-tech, environmental sustainability and clean sustainable materials, with design that is in harmony with nature and with human beings, taking into account the latitude, solar orientation and climatology of the location, geobiology, landscaping, buildings and their interior distribution based on golden geometry and Feng Shui, and bearing in mind that people are the most important element, we deliver projects that provide well-being, health, security and improved quality of life.

Aqvam. Centro de Investigación Marítimo. Pals. Girona

Ecoaldea Sostenible La Flor de la Vida. Diversas localizaciones

Vivienda unifamiliar sostenible. Sant Esteve de Palautordera. Barcelona

Vivienda unifamiliar sostenible. Palau de Anglesola. Lleida

Restaurante crudivegano Bionectar y Sala de yoga Om Shanti. Girona

Casa Rural sostenible Casa Alamos. Visalibons. Huesca

Alberge sostenible Comunidad religiosa DSK. Panillo. Huesca

Vivienda unifamiliar sostenible. Sant Gregori. Girona

Casa de retiro en Comunidad DSK. Panillo. Huesca


Apartamentos bioclimáticos. Panillo. Huesca

Viviendas unifamiliares SOSTENIBLES. Girona-Barcelona

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