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Within a construction market in which financial gain takes precedence over other primary values, our team is committed to bringing the following distinguishing values to the world of architecture:

  • Intimate engagement with the biosphere, environment and health
  • Constant innovation in architectural and energy sustainability
  • Environmentally responsible design, viable energy solutions, energy independence
  • Application of the theories of plant cycles (reconverting parts of the building into nutrients) and technical cycles (what we build can be recycled or reused at the end of its life cycle)
  • Valuing human life and nature as a core value Commitment to integrating the human model and the natural world model within projects (sustainable architecture, bioarchitecture, geobiology, Feng Shui and golden geometry)
  • Pursuit of Human - Habitat - Nature balance
  • We adapt to the topography of the land and the needs of the place and the client Delivering a tailor-made project

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