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Golden Geometry - The home of the soul

Golden Geometry is based on the observation of nature, extracting its inherent geometry. Golden Architecture integrates the cosmic and terrestrial calculations and outlines in its form and design to create an architecture that transmits harmony and presence, enabling people to recognise these qualities in themselves.

Development of mandalas according to the research of the engineer Raymond Montercy.

To be able to portray the mandala of a particular place, we needed certain information:

- Latitude of the location
- Azimuth north (AzN)
- Location's solar module: 10 x cos latitude
- Module L: solar module x 0.9851 (corrects spherical calculation)
- Proportional ratio of the location: K = tan AzN


The home can be the ideal place that enables us to fulfil all of our potential, that expresses who we are inside, the outward expression of our inner being, which is why we feel like our homes are part of us, that they enable us to be ourselves. We feel safe, grounded, with a sense of belonging, connected to the cycles of nature, and to what we feel is sacred to us. It is our point of reference, the place we want to return to. These factors are very important for living in health and harmony. At a very deep level, the home is a reflection of our hopes, dreams and beliefs.

Definition: the soul is a term we use to describe the central or essential part of something, the vital core. In its most profound sense, it also describes the essence of the human being.

First we should ask ourselves what the home, our house, means to us, and where it is that we truly feel at home. When we discover what it means to us, what "home" means, then we can start to create a certain ambience, a certain design for the home that contains this kind of energy. To find out what expresses our essence, we have to connect from a part of us that belongs more to the realm of the unconscious than to our logical mind.

On these premises we perform the Home of the Soul visualisation technique for the architectural design project.

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