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Bioclimatic architecture

We adapt our buildings to the climate so that they have the best possible position and orientation (the most favourable solar orientation, protection from prevailing winds, correct natural ventilation). We use the available natural resources in a natural and economical way and reduce energy consumption over the life of the building while respecting the environment.

To minimise energy consumption (heating, hot water, cooling and lighting), according to the weather conditions we select construction typologies that optimise comfort, providing cool in summer and warmth in winter. Excellent green thermal insulation, double and triple glazing. Cross ventilation. Maximum natural lighting is introduced, with artificial lighting from low-energy LEDs. Passive architecture, solar harnessing and solar protection. Renewable energy (clean energy) systems are integrated into the architecture: thermal solar panels, photovoltaic panels, biomass, geothermal and wind installations. Biological treatment systems and grey, black and rainwater recycling systems are also integrated into the building.

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